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who we are - who are we?


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Erica is a founding member of Tango Argentino Dallas. 

As an actress, her exploration with Alexander Technique and modern dance offer an understanding of body positioning and balance that is highly applicable to the styling and elegance of Argentine Tango.    

As a choreographer, Erica recently created a tango for two couples for the Najwa Dance Corp's World Dance Event.

Erica has performed at various venues  - including live television, at club events, charities, private parties and weddings in Argentina and Chicago. 


Originally from Honduras, Douglas is a life-long dancer with Latin movement coursing through his blood! 

After making the leap from tropical dances to tango, Douglas began studying with local Chicago teachers, then with visiting professors from Argentina to better understand the dance and the relationship of the partners in the dance.

Douglas is influential in making students feel comfortable and at ease while beginning their tango studies.  His charm and open personality are only matched by his love for dance in general and tango especially.

Douglas has performed tango at locations in Chicago and beyond including charity fundraisers, corporate events, private parties and more.

Approach to Teaching

Tango is FUN!  We are all working like mad everyday and probably through a curious series of events stumbled onto the idea that "Hey, I want to learn to tango!"  These classes help students develop a strong foundation based on techniques of the embrace, balance, walking and most importantly - the connection between you and your partner.

Erica and Douglas teach tango as it is typically danced in the milongas (tango parties) in Buenos Aires...  focusing on the music and how to learn to hear the music in a way that will inspire your dance.  The importance of communication between partners is emphasized.  (No, not whispering your next step to her!)  Instead, how the leader's body marks a follower's possibility.

Based on the fundamentals and techniques of fine social tango, students will find their own style and create their own 'voice' in the dance.

Argentine tango is a social dance, not a competitive one.  You don't have to know anything at all about dancing to start tango!



A sample of past performance clients:
Buenos Dias Chicago! / Telemundo 44
Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
Columbia College Dance Center / Latin Dance Revue 2001
Santa Julia Vineyards / Winesellers, Ltd.
The Casino Club
Motorola Latin America
University of Chicago
Loyola University
Harold Washington College
Vidal Sassoon
Four Seasons Hotel
Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival
Unity Day in Hoffman Estates
Hyde Park Art Center
Little City Arts Festival
Echo Gallery
HispanoCare's Annual Gala
Chicago Cultural Center
Rumba Restaurant

. . . and many private parties, weddings, charities, benefits, trade shows and events . . .

Necessary legal disclaimer:
In the near future tango will be marketed as an addictive substance/activity.  You may find yourself neglecting friends and any social activities you previously found enjoyable in your insatiable quest for more tango-related anything.

Women.  You may find yourself solely purchasing clothes that can double as tango-wear.

Men.  After an unfortunate incident, you will shy away from pants with cuffs - a ladies tango shoe might get caught in them!

We spell addiction     T-A-N-G-O


PUBLICITY PHOTOS: all photos by Studio Mari

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